The Beauty and The Grit dance photography project by Roy Campbell-Moore takes place in seven locations across Wales and India throughout 2014 and 2015.

In Wales, the five projects are with theatres that support local choreographers as part of Creu Cymru's Dance Buddy scheme in Newport, Swansea, Brecon, Treorchy and Abergavenny. The two Indian projects are in Bangalore with Natya STEM Dance Kampni in partnership with Thalam and Rangoli-Metro Art Centre, and with Danceworx in partnership with the India Habitat Centre as part of the 2014 Delhi Contemporary Art Week.

The Beauty and The Grit follows on from a recent project, In The Flow, when dancers were photographed close-up to create the feeling of being inside the dance itself. The images were often intimate and off-kilter but carried an inherent gritty beauty, given added power by collating them into sets to create a photographic dance narrative. The Beauty and The Grit project extends that concept by showing print exhibitions of the work in theatre galleries, foyers and art galleries.

The images for The Beauty and The Grit are created with a hand-held camera, capturing authentic and captivating dance moments in live situations. Only the available natural lighting is used and the photographs are then post-produced to bring out richer light and textures to reveal magical and revelatory moments of beauty and grit.

The project has been made possible by innovative programmes of support by theatres in Wales and India for choreographers and dancers by giving them opportunities to create in a wide variety of circumstances.

The Beauty and The Grit is supported by the following organisations and individuals:

Arts Council of Wales, Dancer's Career Development, Creu Cymru
Sue Williams, Dave Daggers, Ruth Cayford, Ann Sholem
Mike Smith media consultant